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Welcome to Twelve25 Lighting™, your premier destination for exceptional holiday and outdoor lighting solutions! We take immense pride in serving the vibrant communities of Smithtown, Stony Brook, East Setauket, Mt. Sinai NY, and the surrounding areas. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to illuminating your world with the highest quality Residential, landscape, and architectural lighting services.

Landscape Lighting

Whatever assistance you require, our landscape lighting services cover a wide range of lighting services. For example, we can design the lighting layout for your landscape. 

We improve the safety, dependability, and beauty of your landscape lighting through thorough maintenance inspections of your electrical fixtures.

Holiday Lighting

Hire us for professional lighting services and get the best-looking house on the block. Contact us now for a free quote. Describe your layout and we’ll modify it to give you a festive home.

Boost your holiday sales by illuminating your store. Celebrating various holidays is appreciated by customers and can increase foot traffic.

Hire Twelve25 Lighting™ for your city’s holiday lighting needs. Our staff will work with you to create the ideal lighting display for any space.

Twelve25 Lighting™ is here to save you time, energy and money with our world-class solutions. We work on several homes every year and give them the gift of light. We aim to ensure that they get lighting arrangements just how they like and easily.

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Want Great Outdoor Lighting But Don't know where to start?

Twelve25 Lighting™ has you covered

Your home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a place for you to be creative and show yourself. Landscape lighting is one way to express who you are and make your home look more welcoming. With the right lights, your home comes alive, whether you want to show off its architecture or make your yard look different for the holidays. At Twelve25 Lighting™, our team is dedicated to helping you maximize your home’s potential through innovative lighting designs.

First impressions are essential, and landscape lights can make a big difference in how your home looks from the street. Putting lights in the right places draws attention to architectural features and gives your property more depth and dimension. Uplighting trees, bushes, or statues can create beautiful focal points, and elegant sidewalk lighting can lead people to your front door. These small changes improve the appearance of your home and increase its value.

Want Great Landscape Lighting Without any compromise?

Twelve25 Lighting™ can help

Landscape lighting is for more than just looks. It also helps with things like safety and security. Strategically placing lights outside your home creates a warm, friendly atmosphere that makes you feel safe and at home. By lighting up dark areas and walkways, you and your guests will be safer and less likely to have an accident. Also, a well-lit exterior makes it less likely that someone will break in, adding another security layer to your property. Talk with one of our lighting experts today to assess what areas of your property could use the most light.

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Searching for Lighting Installation Near me?

Twelve25 Lighting™ is all you need

In addition to landscape and architectural lighting, we also design holiday lighting displays. Whether it’s lights on trees that twinkle or bright displays that light up your front yard, holiday lighting immediately creates a festive mood. Christmas lights make people happy and excited, spreading cheer to your neighborhood and other people who pass by. Holiday lighting can also be changed to fit your own style, from simple white lights to colorful and creative displays. Holiday lighting lets you get into the spirit of the season and give your house a sense of wonder.

Landscape lighting, including Christmas lighting, can make your home look better, be safer, and feel more welcoming. Whether you want to improve your home’s curb appeal or create a magical holiday setting, the proper lighting from our team at Twelve25 Lighting™ can take it to the next level and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Reach out today, and give your home a lighting facelift.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions
No, we work very hard to be as discreet as possible. For the most part, we do everything by hand. When we trench, we use a small shovel to gently split the ground, just big enough to fit the wire(s). Then, when we are done, we close that seem and there’s a small “stitch” left in the yard. Most clients barely notice it and if they do, it’s usually gone after the first or second time it rains. 
Each home and property is different. That’s where our experienced designers play a huge part. They will use their training and experience to design an elegant lighting plan that highlights the features of your home and landscaping.
These guys may be great at what they do respectively, but they typically don’t specialize in outdoor lighting. We DO. All we do is lighting. We specialize and hyper-focus on lighting. We START with the design. We work to make sure that your design is elegant and impactful with strategically and intentionally placed lights. Sure, anyone can install a light fixture but not everyone is a lighting designer. You hire a professional painter to paint your home not the pool guy. You hire an auto mechanic to fix your car not just a handyman. You hire alarm and security company to protect your property and not an electrician. So, hire a company that specializes in Outdoor Lighting & Design not the landscaper, power-washer, or window cleaner.
There are many contractors out there who will do work for less. This is true in every industry. We understand that we are not going to be the cheapest option. We don’t sell on price. We sell on DESIGN and value.
When comparing us with another service provider, it is very important to understand that we approach everything from the DESIGN perspective first. Because of that, our designs may include more lights than the “cheaper” guy.
It goes back to our design training and philosophy. The fewer lights used, the brighter each of the lights needs to be to illuminate your home and property. Using MORE fixtures enables us to focus on the nuances of how light spreads and the shadows it creates. By selecting the perfect fixture for each area and using a softer bulb, we create warm and welcoming environments. We’ve found, through our experience, that using more lights/fixtures enables us to get a softer and more welcoming effect. Your home should NOT look like Vegas or Hollywood – it should be elegant, warm, and welcoming. 
Yes, we are fully insured. COIs available upon request.
Our trained staff members will show up in uniform to your property. Each designer and technician has been through our employment screening which includes both a criminal background check and sex offender check.
For most typical installations, you’ll never even know we were there. We work hard to make sure to return everything as closely as possible to its original condition. However, you may notice some small lines in the grass where the wires were run and you’ll probably notice the new fixtures in the mulch beds, under trees, and around the house.
All of our systems are considered “low-voltage.” The low voltage system is powered by a transformer that plugs into a traditional outdoor rated GFI outlet. The low voltage system uses a minimum amount of electricity each month. For the average installation, most people won’t even notice a difference in their monthly electric bill. 
That’s totally up to you. Many people choose to have the lights came on at sunset and go off at sunrise.  If you prefer to have them come on or go off on another schedule, let us know at the time of your installation and our techs can program the timer to your desired schedule.
YES! Outdoor lighting makes a huge difference when it comes to curb appeal. Checkout some of our before and after photos to see the difference for yourself. In addition to curb appeal, overall, outdoor lighting adds a level of security around your property. And, if that’s not enough, one of the biggest values is that your outdoor living space becomes USABLE after dark. Whether you want to BBQ outside on a nice night or sit and have glass of wine on the back deck after the kids are asleep, outdoor lighting will bring these spaces to life and allow you to enjoy them in a whole new way.
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