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Want Great Municipal Holiday Lighting?

Twelve25 Lighting™ has got you covered

Our team at Twelve25 Lighting™ can help your visions of festivity and magic during the holiday season come true. We will work with your town to create a custom lighting design that shines above the others. We also help you with lighting selection, provide delivery, and can even install your display if needed.

When it comes to Christmas lighting for your needs, our professional team works closely with city officials to create displays that reflect the city and its landmarks. We discuss your goals and help you devise a lighting plan that highlights important places like parks, main streets, city areas, and more. Once the design is finished, we can help with the installation process if needed.

We are dedicated to helping cities and towns choose the best lights for their desired visual effect, energy efficiency, and durability by giving them access to a wide range of commercial-grade lights. From string lights and LED displays to projection lighting and specialty fixtures, our Twelve25 Lighting™ professionals ensure that high-quality lights are used to turn public places into beautiful holiday scenes that promote community and give your town’s residents a sense of pride. We have a unique range of giant ornaments, gorgeous 30 ft. artificial trees to fill your space and walk thru tunnels that offer an interactive element for all ages. We’re sure our design elements will meet your needs.

The experts in Municipal Holiday Lighting

Twelve25 Lighting™ can help

We provide ongoing maintenance and support during the holiday season to ensure your lighting system stays in good shape. We want to decrease any downtime you might have so your display continues to enchant residents and tourists, making the holiday season more enjoyable overall.

There are many ways to control your lighting display, and our team will discuss your options with you so that you have a system that makes sense and lessens your holiday stress. Many of these systems let you set up specific lighting sequences, change the level of brightness, and program dynamic effects. This gives you more freedom and control over your lighting installations. When the holiday season is over, we can take down your holiday lights and provide storage if needed.

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Searching for Expert Municipal Holiday Lighting?

Twelve25 Lighting™ is all you need

Municipalities can create beautiful lighting displays that show off their city’s unique character by working with our team at Twelve25 Lighting™. Your display can boost community energy and pride among residents while also enticing tourists to visit your town. Talk with us today about a custom holiday design for your town. You’re only a few steps away from boosting community spirit, making memorable experiences, and adding to the overall holiday atmosphere of the town you call home.

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