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Want Great Commercial Holiday Lighting?

Twelve25 Lighting™ has got you covered

At Twelve25 Lighting™, we offer commercial holiday lighting for businesses and other commercial sites that want to make the holiday season more exciting and festive. We go beyond simply installing lights. We offer custom design and installation, selection and delivery of lights, maintenance, and the safe removal and storage of business holiday lighting displays if needed. Whether you want to purchase light and decor or if you want to rent, we’re the team for you.

Our team works closely with business owners to develop unique, eye-catching lighting designs that match the brand image and goals of the business. These designs highlight important parts of the property and are made to give customers and guests an experience that is both visually appealing and memorable. Our lighting pros can even help you with the installation process if needed to ensure everything goes smoothly and professionally.

If you’re unsure what you want, we can help you choose the best lights for your aesthetic, price, and energy efficiency goals by giving you access to a wide range of commercial-grade lights. We ensure that high-quality, long-lasting lights like string lights, LED displays, projection lighting, and custom fixtures are used. These lights can be used to make large-scale visual displays that are stunning. With our use of giant ornaments, 30ft artificial trees, and walk thru tunnels, your display with delight the senses of all ages and become a winter wonderland that your customers will visit often and talk about to their friends.

The experts in Commercial Holiday Lighting

Twelve25 Lighting™ can help

During the holiday season, we provide lighting maintenance, so you don’t have to worry if an issue arises. Call us if you have any issues, and one of our qualified technicians will visit your site and assess the problem. This includes the replacement of broken bulbs or parts and quick fixes for any problems in order to keep your lighting system in great shape. Maintenance reduces downtime and makes your customers, visitors, and workers happy.

When the holiday season is over, our team at Twelve25 Lighting™ will take down your light displays quickly and safely if needed or provide you with tips on how to do this on your own. It’s important to carefully take the lights apart so that your property isn’t damaged. Also, lights should be stored safely and organized so they’re ready to go the next season.

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Searching for Expert Commercial Holiday Lighting?

Twelve25 Lighting™ is all you need

There are many good reasons to hire our team for commercial holiday lighting. We have the knowledge and creativity to design eye-catching lighting displays that improve your brand’s image and give customers an experience they won’t forget. You can save time and effort by letting our team at Twelve25 Lighting™ plan, install, maintain, and take down your lighting displays.

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